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Hello. I'm happy to see you here. In this digital age, video is a powerful tool. Animated video will convey stories in a way that words and text can’t alone. At Birdaycard you will be able to request a animated video invitation for your party and it's possible to add photo to your video. If you will add photo to your request - make sure its not to small. My name is Valdis and I'm freelancer from Latvia - I have over 11 years of professional video editing experience, but have been editing for 16 years. I've worked with many clients both near and far. And now I created my own website. I will do the best to make your birthday video invitation awesome and your guests will never forget your party.

How its works?
You choose a template and write me a message on how you wish your video invitation to look like. I will create your video and send it to your email.

Most popular questions:

How long its takes to receive an order?
Usually it takes about 4-12 hours.

Can I pay after I see my video invitation?

Can I send it through facebook messenger?
Yes. You can also use WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Email and so on.

Can I add photo to my video invitation?

Can I change text to my video invitation?